CoinTide Will List Artificial Intelligence (AID)


Ahoy TideHunters ! 


We're thrilled to announce that the Artificial Intelligence (AID) will be listed on the CoinTide exchange. Below are the listing details:


⏰ Deposit available: 26/04/2024 08:00 AM UTC

⏰ Trading available: 26/04/2024 10:00 AM UTC

⏰ Withdrawal available: 26/04/2024 10:00 AM UTC

✨ Trading link — AID/USDT 

⚡️ Fee Schedule — AID



Transparency, security, and efficiency in interaction. Aid token allows investors and borrowers to obtain and provide financing without intermediaries.


AID Token thrives on the idea that anonymity breeds innovation. Personalities can often overshadow projects, which is why our team operates under a veil of anonymity, even among ourselves. This allows us to focus solely on providing our users with the best experience and groundbreaking solutions in the passive income industry.


AID Links:


Smart Contract: AID 

WhitePaper: AID WP 

Website 1: 

Website 2: 

X Twitter: @AIDtokenF 

Telegram: @aidtokenfin

CoinMarketCap: AID


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