Risk Disclosure Statement


CoinTide Exchange (hereafter referred to as "CoinTide") provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. Before engaging in any trading activities on the CoinTide platform, individuals who have registered with the Platform (hereafter referred to as "Users", "You") are strongly advised to carefully read and understand the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

Trading Risks

Trading risks disclaimer: By accessing and using CoinTide services, you acknowledge and agree to do so at your own risk. The potential for substantial loss exists when trading Digital crypto pairs, and you must carefully assess the suitability of such trading based on your circumstances, objectives, and financial resources. Consider the following points:

  • Total Loss Risk:You may incur a total loss of the funds transferred to, and all funds in, your CoinTide Account.

  • Price Volatility:The traded price of Digital assets can experience significant fluctuations in a short period. Various factors, including the discovery of wrongful conduct, market manipulation, changes to Digital assets properties, Attacks (as defined in paragraph 4 below), suspension or cessation of support for a Digital assets by CoinTide or External Account providers, or other service providers, may cause the price to decrease.

  • MarketConditions: Under certain market conditions, buying or selling a Digital assets may be difficult or impossible, especially if there is insufficient liquidity. CoinTide is not responsible or liable for the transferability, liquidity, and/or availability of any Digital assets.

  • TradingSuspension: CoinTide reserves the right to suspend trading or cease offering services for any Digital assets at its sole discretion. You may be unable to withdraw Digital assets before such suspension, resulting in potential loss.

This brief statement does not cover all risks associated with these transactions. You are solely responsible for understanding and accepting all risks connected with transacting and trading in Digital assets. Ensure that you can bear all possible losses arising from such transactions and trading on your own account.

Price volatility risk:

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, with prices subject to rapid and unpredictable changes. Prices can be influenced by various factors such as market demand, regulatory developments, technological changes, and macroeconomic trends.

As a distinctive asset with investment potential, the value of digital currency derivatives is influenced by numerous factors, leading to significant price volatility. Grasping the impact of these variables in real-time poses a challenge for investors, making the potential for suboptimal investment decisions a reality. Due to the inherent difficulty in efficiently managing risk, investors may incur substantial losses and must accept full responsibility for any resulting financial downturn.

Operational Risks:

Technical issues, system failures, or disruptions in service may occur on the CoinTide platform. Users should be prepared for the possibility of downtime, delays in order execution, and other operational issues.

Order Execution Risk:

Delays or disruptions in order execution may occur due to technical issues, system maintenance, or market conditions. Users should be aware of the possibility of execution delays impacting their trading activities.

Confirmation Risk:

Users are advised to verify transaction details carefully before confirming orders. Mistaken or unauthorized transactions may occur, and confirming accuracy is essential to avoid unintended trades.

Blockchain Network Congestion:

For blockchain-based transactions, network congestion may lead to delays in transaction confirmations. Users should consider potential network issues when engaging in time-sensitive transactions.

Counterparty Risk:

CoinTide has limited control and assume no liability for various aspects, including the delivery, quality, safety, legality, or any other feature of Digital assets involved in transactions facilitated through CoinTide Services. It is important to note that CoinTide is not responsible for ensuring the completion of a trade or transaction with a third-party buyer or seller on the platform. Additionally, CoinTide does not verify the authorization of users to engage in transactions.

Users should be aware that there is no guarantee fund or alternative arrangement established to cover or compensate for any pecuniary loss resulting from defaults, insolvency, or any other financial issues involving other users of the CoinTide platform.

Withdrawal Risk:

Users should be aware of potential delays or restrictions related to cryptocurrency withdrawals. Factors such as network congestion or exchange policies may affect the speed and availability of withdrawals.

Different cryptocurrencies may have unique wallet requirements or specifications. Users need to ensure that the destination wallet for their withdrawals supports the specific cryptocurrency being withdrawn. Using incompatible wallets may result in the loss of funds or unsuccessful transactions.

Before proceeding with any withdrawal, exercise extreme caution. Double-check the accuracy of the destination address and ensure that you have selected the correct blockchain. Under no circumstances should withdrawals be made to ICO addresses, as CoinTide is not liable under any circumstances, and assets are non-refundable. Please note that CoinTide is not accountable for the accuracy of the destination address. We disclaim any responsibility or control over addresses external to Cointid.io once the transaction has been successfully transferred. Exercise careful consideration to safeguard your transactions and assets.

Users are advised to verify transaction details carefully before confirming orders. Mistaken or unauthorized transactions may occur, and confirming accuracy is essential to avoid unintended trades.

Policy and Regulatory Risk Disclosure:

CoinTide users engaging in digital asset derivatives trading should be aware of potential policy and regulatory risks that may vary across jurisdictions. Regulatory frameworks can impact the trading environment, and investors should stay informed about the policies relevant to their activities. Investors are urged to exercise prudence and make informed judgments before participating in digital asset derivatives trading on CoinTide. Understanding the policy and regulatory background of the relevant jurisdictions is crucial to navigating potential challenges. It is the responsibility of users to conduct thorough due diligence and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the policy and regulatory landscape of the jurisdictions in which they operate. Staying informed about changes or updates to regulations is essential for responsible trading.

Risk Considerations for Digital Assets

Any Digital assets and the associated software, networks, protocols, systems, and other technologies (including blockchain) utilized for administering, creating, issuing, transferring, canceling, using, or transacting in any Digital Token ("Underlying Technology") may be susceptible to security, integrity, or operational attacks ("Attacks").

Digital assets and their Underlying Technology may undergo changes or cease to operate as expected. This could result from alterations made to the Underlying Technology, changes using built-in features, or changes arising from security attacks. Such changes may include, among other things, a "fork" or "rollback" of a Digital Token or blockchain.

Digital assets face the risk of cancellation, loss, double spending, or a decrease in traded price. These risks may arise from forks, rollbacks, Attacks, alterations to functions, characteristics, operation, use, or other properties of the Digital Token, or failure to operate as intended.

CoinTide may not support side chains or other Underlying Technology of Digital assets that derive from a fork, enhancement, or derivative of a different Digital Token or Underlying Technology, even if the original Digital Token is supported by CoinTide.

Users should be aware that any Digital Token sent to the wrong address, whether due to formatting errors, inaccuracies, or usage for a different type of digital token, may result in the loss of the Digital Token.

CoinTide Risk Disclosure: Security Threats to Services and Accounts

Risks related to attacks on CoinTide services or user accounts: The Services, CoinTide Accounts, and the funds contained within may face potential threats to their security, integrity, or operation. By utilizing CoinTide exchange, you acknowledge and agree that CoinTide holds no responsibility or liability for any losses incurred as a result of such attacks.

Acknowledgment of Risks and Waiver:

Engaging in transactions on the CoinTide platform carries inherent risks, including the potential loss of Digital assets. Users should be aware that the value of Digital assets may decrease or be lost entirely.Users may face challenges in accessing or transferring Digital assets due to various risks outlined in this Risk Disclosure Statement. Risks described herein may result in the inability to trade Digital assets, impacting users' ability to buy or sell assets on the CoinTide platform. Users acknowledge the possibility of being unable to receive specific utilities, access, or benefits that are available to other Digital Token holders due to the outlined risks.

The risks detailed in this disclosure may lead to various financial losses for users.

By using the CoinTide platform, you hereby accept and agree that CoinTide will not be held responsible or liable for the risks mentioned herein. You irrevocably waive, release, and discharge any and all claims, known or unknown, against CoinTide and their respective directors, members, officers, employees, agents, and contractors related to the risks set forth in this disclosure.

By utilizing CoinTide's services, you represent and warrant that you possess the necessary technical expertise to review and evaluate the security, integrity, and operation of any Digital assets you decide to acquire or trade.

You affirm that you have the knowledge, experience, understanding, professional advice, and information required to independently evaluate the merits and risks associated with any Digital assets or trade conducted on the CoinTide trading platform. Users acknowledge and accept the inherent risk of trading Digital assets by using CoinTide's Services.

You are responsible for conducting your own independent analysis of the risks specific to the Digital assets and the Services.

You should not acquire or trade any Coin/Tokens unless you have sufficient financial resources and can afford to lose all value of the Digital assets or suffer substantial losses.

Assessing your financial capacity is crucial before engaging in any trading activities.

Prior to engaging in any transactions, please ensure that you are actively using and logged into Cointide.io, as we do not endorse any activities conducted through alternative websites or similar platforms. It is crucial to understand that Cointide.io does not provide brokerage services. We strongly advise refraining from sharing your account information with anyone for trading purposes.Exercise caution and stay vigilant to prevent falling victim to scams.

Your acknowledgment of these risks is crucial, and by continuing to use CoinTide, you accept the terms outlined in this Risk Disclosure Statement.


By using the CoinTide platform, users accept and understand the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. CoinTide recommends seeking professional advice and exercising caution when participating in the cryptocurrency market.