CoinTide Will List ATOR Protocol (ATOR)


Ahoy TideHunters ! 


We're thrilled to announce that the ATOR Protocol (ATOR) will be listed on the CoinTide exchange. Below are the listing details:


⏰ Deposit available: 19/04/2024 08:00 AM UTC

⏰ Trading available: 19/04/2024 11:00 AM UTC

⏰ Withdrawal available: 19/04/2024 11:00 AM UTC

✨ Trading link — ATOR/USDT 

⚡️ Fee Schedule — ATOR



ATOR empowers The Onion Router (Tor) through on-chain incentives, and facilitates wider adoption of secure network relay protocols through hardware products. ATOR contributes the following to the existing Tor network:


1) A framework for existing Tor relays to receive cryptocurrency rewards in our native currency, ATOR, in accordance with their cumulative useful uptime, through a Proof-of-Uptime mechanism


2) The introduction of the ATOR Router Hotspot, a handheld device that enables users to connect their consumer devices, via WiFi, and route all their web traffic through Tor script-free


3) The rollout of the ATOR Relay, our own version of the Tor relay. It is designed for Tor routing and immediately interoperable with our ATOR Proof-of-Uptime framework, allowing non-technical users to mine ATOR and contribute to web anonymity through Tor.


ATOR Links:


Smart Contract: ATOR 

WhitePaper: ATOR WP 


X Twitter: @atorprotocol 

Telegram: @atorprotocol

CoinMarketCap: ATOR


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