CoinTide Will List EXATECH PoAI (EXT)


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We're thrilled to announce that the EXATECH PoAI (EXT) will be listed on the CoinTide exchange. Below are the listing details:


⏰ Deposit available: 03/05/2024 08:00 AM UTC

⏰ Trading available: 03/05/2024 11:00 AM UTC

⏰ Withdrawal available: 03/05/2024 11:00 AM UTC

✨ Trading link — EXT/USDT 

⚡️ Fee Schedule — EXT



POAI blockchain is a decentralized platform built on the ExaTech network that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the field of pathology. The ExaTech network is a high-performance blockchain platform that is designed to handle large per second transactions and has low gas fees. The POAI blockchain is designed to provide a secure, transparent, and immutable record of all pathology data, which can be accessed by medical researchers and doctors from around the world. The platform utilizes smart contracts to automate various processes, ensure that all data is properly validated and authenticated, and to incentivize participation in the platform through a token-based system. One of the key benefits of the POAI blockchain on the ExaTech network is its ability to handle large per second transactions.


EXT Links:


Explorer: EXT 

WhitePaper: EXT WP 


X Twitter: @ExaTechPoAI 

Telegram: @EXATechOfficialEN.

CoinMarketCap: EXT


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