CoinTide Will List PAAL AI (PAAL)


Ahoy TideHunters ! 


We're thrilled to announce that the PAAL AI (PAAL) will be listed on the CoinTide exchange. Below are the listing details:


⏰ Deposit available: 06/05/2024 08:00 AM UTC

⏰ Trading available: 06/05/2024 10:00 AM UTC

⏰ Withdrawal available: 06/05/2024 10:00 AM UTC

✨ Trading link — PAAL/USDT 

⚡️ Fee Schedule — PAAL



Paal is an advanced chatbot built on AI and ML technologies, designed to streamline tasks that typically require human intellect, such as natural language understanding, image recognition, decision-making, and problem-solving.


Paal AI, a token on Ethereum, incentivizes holders with profit sharing and token buybacks to drive token demand and price.


PAAL Links:


Explorer: PAAL 

WhitePaper: PAAL WP 


X Twitter: @PaalMind 

Telegram: @paal_ai

CoinMarketCap: PAAL


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