CoinTide Will List UBXS token (UBXS)


Ahoy TideHunters ! 


We're thrilled to announce that the UBXS token (UBXS) will be listed on the CoinTide exchange. Below are the listing details:


⏰ Deposit available: 20/04/2024 08:00 AM UTC

⏰ Trading available: 20/04/2024 10:00 AM UTC

⏰ Withdrawal available: 20/04/2024 10:00 AM UTC

✨ Trading link — UBXS/USDT 

⚡️ Fee Schedule — UBXS



The UBXS utility token created by Bixos aims to connect the physical and virtual worlds through innovative applications of blockchain technology. With a market capitalization of over $100 trillion, real estate presents a significant opportunity for disruption. Bixos seeks to integrate this sector with cutting-edge solutions in tokenomics and Web 3.0 to transform property ownership and transactions.


As blockchain platforms mature, they are increasingly capable of linking to the tangible world. This allows real-world assets to be digitally tokenized and traded, unlocking new models of finance and commerce.


UBXS Links:


Smart Contract: UBXS 

WhitePaper: UBXS WP 


X Twitter: @bixosinc 

Telegram: @ubxscommunity

CoinMarketCap: UBXS


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